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Standard of Care

As an insurance industry expert we have testified as an insurance expert providing litigation support for attorneys nationally. We are insurance industry experts for property/casualty and life/health insurance. As an an   insurance industr expert we specialize in the  concept of the standard of care as a crucial factor in reaching a final opinion. We are also prepared to testify as an insurance industry expert witness with regard to standard of care and errors and omissions issues


Richard Mintzer Associates had over 40 years of industry experience. Mr. Mintzer is an award-winning insurance executive and was the Director of insurance education at the Community College of Aurora Colorado. He has participated in more than 150 assignments either as an expert witness or providing litigation support to attorneys.



Underwriting and Claims Background



My first and major responsibility was risk acceptance (underwriting) on behalf of the companies we represented. My successful risk selection over the years was probably the largest single factor contributing to the success of our agency. 

The balance of my duties dealt with the management of a regional property and casualty general agency with special attention to company- agency disputes, producer issues, insurance industry procedures and standards, coverage consultation, maintaining high standards of claim settlement, sales management, and marketing.

Martin Brokerage was a regional general agency with broad underwriting authority specializing in property real and personal coverage, inland and wet marine insurance. When I sold my agency to my employees in 1988 we had 60 employees and annual revenues in excess of $10,000,000.


Claims Background


Concerning claim experience, I personally had draft issuing authority to settle claims for the  the companies I represented.  In the course of my professional career I have settled hundreds of claims.

In addition, while the Director of Insurance Education at the Community   College of Aurora I taught for several years a course titled AIC 33 The Claims Environment. This course focused on the duties and responsibilities of claims personnel. The course was one of a three part series leading to the professional designation Associate in Claims. This designation is accepted in the insurance industry as the highest professional designation specifically related to claims adjusting.

 I also taught for several years AMIM131 and AMIM 132 that represent two of the three parts necessary to complete and receive the prestigious professional designation Associate in Marine Insurance


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